Good Morning.

This is typically how my day starts (pre traffic, pre work, pre bi polar NYC weather).


Alas, this is how it usually ends.


Until the weekend, then it’s more like this…..


I mean minus the beach, palm trees, and super relaxing hammock!

Voice Box

Being that my voice gets more Portamento than Susan Boyle’s, it’s not surprising that I have literally talked my voice box to death.  Yes, it’s true the motor mouth has Laryngitis.

Back in the day, I would use this as a sick day from school. It would have definitely been mother-approved.  Alas, it’s the weekend so it only cuts into my time and not work time.  Not that I could use it as a sick day anyway since most of my work is done in the digital voice, which has no legitimate organs though some geeks would argue that an application is a digital organ.  I think they should just go back to their Dungeons & Dragons or whatever the equivalent nowadays is and leave me to my skipping school ways.

Here I am inside blogging to you guys instead of outside enjoying the teaser of summer.  Now that I think about it…screw inside, I’ve got WiFi and it’s the weekend–no sick days allowed!

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