The Passengers of Life.

At the end of 2010, I vowed that 2011 would be about others, and it certainly has.  This year was full of sting and complex evolution, but mostly it was full of re-connective charge that can only be found in those people left at the crossroads of life.  It makes sense to revisit those push pins in the where-I’ve-been map of life once one finds themselves yet again pinned at a crossroad; how did I get here and where am I going?

While visiting the roadside attractions of my past, I was not without forward movement and formed karmic connections pushing me toward my own dharma path.  Circumstances created by the aforementioned people–who stretched me in directions in which I could have never predicted my own  flexibility–that shaped my human condition.

The reflection of the past year’s floundering , life signs, people, and identity, formed an overarching theme for the upcoming year: 2012 will be devoted to breaking Samsara–the wheel of suffering.

To do this, I look to attain the below:

  • Be fully present.
  • Bond in joy with people versus bonding in misery, pain, and helplessness.
  • Cease activities of disowning myself.
  • Redirect negative thinking.
  • Possess a sense of humor and lightheartedness.
  • Do not attach identity to success or failure.
  • Have the ability to give/receive support from family and friends.
  • Approach life with more fluidity, grace, and peace of mind.

This stems from what someone told me during one of my journeys in life, “It’s your life, I’m just passing through.”


Days go by…

We compartmentalize time into past, present, and future, where the events of our life (even the uneventful) flow into one of these three buckets; the conventional view of time.  Perhaps this is why we spend so much time mourning the past and awaiting the future, while life happens (present).  I like my symmetry, and with every moment having a turn at the present there was a shot that the past might not be so bad and if it was, then the future gave another chance for a present moment.  This gave me hope, which became freewill’s scapegoat.

We move on, don’t we.  Hands you used to see daily, interlock with someone else.  Moments shared become benchmarks of time remembered solo.  Images in photos are mannequins in disguise. Memories of childhood are more vivid than they were in real time.  Technicolor versus black and white, images are recalled best in both for very different reasons.

I got confused for so long because of death.  There was a past, present, but no future for the deceased.  It wasn’t until I realized that after someone dies, the deceased, they remain only for the loved ones left behind.  Their future is merely in us.  We carry it on with us until our death, then someone else carries us along.  Past and present…what if we’re not afforded a future? Two’s.  Symmetry.


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