Dear Jeffrey, tomorrow you will be 28…

As I sit here typing this – from Westchester, NY, for my week-long NYU MBA Residency, it occurs to me that a substantial part of this is due to your presence in my life.  Prior to your death, I was a lost soul swimming upstream in a murky fish bowl.  There was little interest in discipline, compassion, or spiritual growth.  While you were still here, in fact, I was more into collecting that which was instantly gratifying, easily disposable, and egocentric.  Maybe I haven’t completely rid myself of the latter, but I do work hard to achieve a heightened level of communication with my sacred self.

Without Alexander Graham Bell there wouldn’t be a telephone (sorry Lady Gaga you didn’t have first dibs), and without you – Jeffrey Lee Ben – I wouldn’t have had any ‘telephone’ to pick up and get in touch with what is at the very core of existence; love and compassion.  Without these two very crucial life tools, I would not be as successful in all my endeavors in life.  Let’s face it the one component that ties the two (love and compassion) together is understanding, and you may climb the ladder of success without it but you will more than likely be alone.

This one is for you my brother.


Dear Jeffrey, 14 days until you’re 28…

Dear Jeffrey,

There’s something peculiar about age.  If you look too much into the numbers representative of your life you begin to uncover hidden meanings in coincidence.  For instance, I found out that you were deceased and not a missing person in 2006 – I was 28.  What an awfully difficult year that was, but at 28 I had the most important experience of my life.  It’s a fact that you – my lovely brother – encouraged me to move forward in life and put forth effort to live my dreams and accomplish my goals.  Your voice, “One day, sissy, you’ll do something huge.  I believe in you.”

So, how’s this for coincidence…

Getting into NYU’s MBA program is somewhat of a conundrum. People ask me how on earth I got into the highly-selective program and a waived GMAT to boot?  I sit there – unfazed by the subtle insult of ‘how did YOU get into that program (emphasis on the YOU) – to which I dubiously reply, “I had a unique career, personal growth, and killer essay you jealous sonofabitch.”  (okay, so I don’t really name call but I should).  Nonetheless, I am highly selective myself. I select a goal and I fearlessly attempt to achieve it and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but at least I have the courage to face failure and grow from it …this is what you taught me, Jeffrey.

My first day of class is in 14 days – August 23rd, 2010 – your 28th birthday.

With all my love,



I wanted to announce, other than on Facebook, that I have been accepted into the New York University Stern Executive MBA program.  This is a huge accomplishment for me and will contribute greatly to all my endeavors both creatively and professionally.

For as long as I can remember, I had romanticized about being part of either the UC-Berkley or NYU community.  In a lot of my fiction writings, characters are often graduates of either two universities.  I’m beyond thrilled for this opportunity and for the fact that I don’t have to move to California just yet.

Do not fear, I have completed my first book so I will be seeking representation and hopefully published.  I will continue to write as often as I currently do in Wrestling The Hyperbole, but with more entertaining posts as I experience the graduate school life.  Writing is my calling, so I will continuously be working toward the craft and the ADD in me will probably finish at least another book by the time I get my MBA.

So, now you know.

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