Navigating through space.

There is this place.  I don’t know what it this space is called, but it’s a place.  Trust me on that.  It’s a space between two equally but different concepts like creativity and stress.  I’m more of a person that creates to ease stress, so it’s a little like being plugged up – stuck.  While my custody is tossed around – stress or creative – I’m in the middle of this divorce without identity but completely partial to creativity. 

My costly therapeutic tools taken out of the toolbox once the culprit is identified.   

“Here’s your problem, ma’am.”  Holding up a manuscript and a time card.

“I have to work during the day.  I am married.  I have two codependent dogs and a curmudgeon of a kitten.  My new house needs work, and I need a promotion to get ahead of it all.  I commute.  There’s never enough money.  Letters never come, but bills never stop coming.  The house is a mess, we need groceries, and I can’t figure something very important out in my 200 page story.”

“Well, ma’am.”  Laying the time card on top of the manuscript. “Better consult your spiritual navigator and begin training now for when the two connect.”

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