RIP Rue!

Thank you for being a friend…

Thank you for being a friend Betty White!

R.I.P Bea Arthur!!


An Insomniac’s Nightly Responsibility

Most nights it’s all the same; dinner, tv show, ruminations of working out or not working out, bargaining about working out in the morning, settling on writing instead which almost never results in novel revisions and always results in blogging.  I’m convinced that blogging is worse than a speed addict with Mini Thins.

You typically spend your days binging on information, entertainment, and psuedo meaningful content so that you can purge it into the blogosphere.  Before you know it you’re running around like a junky trying to find the next posting fix.  Let’s not forget to add the tags and send the trackbacks so that Google, your portal dealer, can be at your beck andcall to  feed your addiction.

Then what happens after you press ‘publish’ on WordPress?   It’s over, start again, a vicious cycle of addiction.  You’ll update when you should be sleeping, on the bus to work on your Smartphone, while in the bathroom, at lunch, at work, out with friends, anytime and anywhere you can.  You become the coke fiend at the bar with the revolving bathroom door except you’re a blogger in front of too many screens!

Note to self: get some Ambien.

Note to kids: do not try Ambien at home, or for that matter at school, on a school bus, while reading this blog..just don’t even learn how to pronounce the word…and if you do just leave me out of it, kapeesh!

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