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  1. Hey Alisa,

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Some times I feel like I’ve got a million questions for you, but I don’t want to take up your time. But, I’ve got one in particular that’s been on my mind, and I really value your opinions on the subject of homosexuality, so I’ve got to ask. Okay, here it is…..

    At least twice now, in your blogs, I’ve see you use the term “True Christian”. How would you define that? What makes a “True Christian”?

    As you know I’m an ordained minister trying like hell to understand anything and everything I don’t currently understand – in hopes that it will make me a better person and minister. Outside viewpoints are a necessity for my journey.

    Thanks for your friendship! Be well.

    • I define a true christian as a person with a spiritual understanding that exceeds that of man-made religion and teachings to truly uphold the word of God. Their personal relationship with God helps them to be compassionate and to love thy neighbor as himself/herself and to do unto others as they would like done unto them despite religious propaganda. A true christian loves without prejudice and lives their life sharing goodness and wanting peace, love, and happiness to all of God’s creation.

      That’s how I define a TRUE CHRISTIAN!

  2. Alisa,

    I concur with your definition of a “true christian”. I am a yoga therapist deeply rooted in the yogic path and equally rooted in my faith in Christ. Many would say that is impossible – Hinduism and Christianity are opposing ideaologies. Yet, when you choose to dive in and have the experience, you realize they are not so different. I believe Christ, even in the body was trying to get us to look beyond the physcial and mental enslavement of religion to a pure awareness that we are all ONE. My prayer is that we can create a community of Christ followers that live the Truth of what JC was saying – and STOP the fear-ridden propaganda that only strengthens the grip of ego on our lives. Om Shanti. Angel

  3. Lisa you’re writings amaze and cause me to “think” and ponder things I ordinarily wouldn’t. You excercise my brain and emotions!!!

  4. Lisa, are you keeping a copy of all these writings because each one of them mean so much to me and i don’t want them lost. Your writing and your mind amazes me.

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