What if everyone got what they wanted?

I think about this question and wonder; would the world be a mess or better off?

There have been times in my life where it would have saved a lot of heartache and suffering, but would I have learned as much?  More learning happens from failure than success, which leads me to believe that the deprivation of character enrichment would be devastating to the world.  Can you imagine the vanity of never failing?

There were also times in my life where my decisions were poor and my weak being unable to handle large doses of power, so getting what I wanted would have been land mines disguised as a door prizes.  The destruction alone would have killed me, eventually.

However, fools achieve the dreams of the deserving while the deserving suffer through the life of a fool.  The overall difference between the two lie in the direction of those dreams; the fool climbs to the fall while the deserving climbs to rise.

“You see this is a very well-balanced place in which you live.  There is some of everything here, in enough proportion, abundance, and difference, to give you all of the ingredients for the vast and marvelous “kitchen” that you have come to participate in.”  –The Law of Attraction


2 thoughts on “What if everyone got what they wanted?

  1. I have asked this question often! I decided life would be really boring. Can you imagine
    everyone agreeing with you all the time? After a day of that, I would be bored and frustrated. Adversity brings juice to life…….sometimes too much so, but that’s another blog!

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