Associative Intrigue

Associations are interesting, aren’t they? Places can conjure up experience with people or a feeling.  Songs can remind you of a time when you were someone very different.

Words serve as events of achievement like the first time I learned what ‘palindrome’ meant.  Socially, one is judged by the company they keep.  Financially, one is aligned by the material goods they possess.  Intellectually, by the books they read and the concepts they understand.  Spiritually, by the faith they hold.

Brands make money on this; associations.  It’s how animals learn, and it all relates back to us and the associations that elicit emotion. When I tell my dog to sit…he sits with the emotive tone associated to the word ‘sit’. I purchase Diet Dr. Pepper because of my childhood attachment to happier times.  Associations are the most intriguing indicators of a person if you think about it.


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