Dear Jeffrey, 14 days until you’re 28…

Dear Jeffrey,

There’s something peculiar about age.  If you look too much into the numbers representative of your life you begin to uncover hidden meanings in coincidence.  For instance, I found out that you were deceased and not a missing person in 2006 – I was 28.  What an awfully difficult year that was, but at 28 I had the most important experience of my life.  It’s a fact that you – my lovely brother – encouraged me to move forward in life and put forth effort to live my dreams and accomplish my goals.  Your voice, “One day, sissy, you’ll do something huge.  I believe in you.”

So, how’s this for coincidence…

Getting into NYU’s MBA program is somewhat of a conundrum. People ask me how on earth I got into the highly-selective program and a waived GMAT to boot?  I sit there – unfazed by the subtle insult of ‘how did YOU get into that program (emphasis on the YOU) – to which I dubiously reply, “I had a unique career, personal growth, and killer essay you jealous sonofabitch.”  (okay, so I don’t really name call but I should).  Nonetheless, I am highly selective myself. I select a goal and I fearlessly attempt to achieve it and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but at least I have the courage to face failure and grow from it …this is what you taught me, Jeffrey.

My first day of class is in 14 days – August 23rd, 2010 – your 28th birthday.

With all my love,



4 thoughts on “Dear Jeffrey, 14 days until you’re 28…

  1. I’m a friend of Blake’s. My brother in law Paul Fowler was the lead investigator in your brother’s case. That is an amazing “coincidence”. Congrats on getting into NYU. That was one of the most ‘heart tuggin’ things I’ve ever read. You just motivated me like you have no idea and I don’t even know you. Thank you, Christina

  2. Christina is a very sweet, hard working young lady that I believe can go far if she will continue to work towards her dreams. Lisa, everything you write about Jeffrey brings tears to my eyes. 28 yrs. old, it just doesn’t seem possible he has been gone this long…he has never left our hearts and our memories. I wish he was here at times to help with Blake…he is having such a hard time growing up and I am having such a hard time letting him…some of the negatives of losing Jeffrey. The positives are that we learned family is bittersweet and not to be taken for granted. That love transcends this world. I am so proud of you Lisa and I know Jeffrey would be saying “I told you so, sissy”.

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