Musical Memory Meme #2: My brother Jeffrey

In the early 80’s my mother used to blast this song on eight-track while trying to teach us to move our shoulders to the music.  This song conjures up my brother’s knack for shoulder dancing.


2 thoughts on “Musical Memory Meme #2: My brother Jeffrey

  1. I have always liked this song. Perhaps because we had a blasting 8 track as well. And if it wasn’t exile, it would have been Neil Diamond.

  2. Lisa, I laughed and cried at the same time when I watched this; wow you remember so many things that I had almost forgotten. Sis, when I think about those good old days that I would give anything to have back again it is bittersweet. You and I and Jeffrey had so much fun together. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much until you look back on it. Kids today do not know how to have fun simply like you and Jeffrey did. Now it requires things like computer games, texting etc. They don’t know how to just communicate and dream.

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