Cross Post #3

Surfing the net – hangover cures, 18th century ships found under the world trade center, market trends, cremation, whether of not flies laugh – landed me on the Fruit Fly Life, which I love.  The post below, in particular, will have you ROTFL’ing for real.

Dear Apple Computers:

First you take away our privacy. Then, you take away the selectivity of “cool.” Now, you take away skeezy drug references. Allow me to explain…

…I am not asking for you to change nor am I asking for financial compensation. Instead, I am asking for you to leave me and my like-minded posse alone. Allow us the option to pass out in alley ways unable to trace home because we did not download Google Maps. Allow us to pick restaurants that give us food poisoning but at least have cheap sake bombs because we did not download Urbanspoon. At the very least, allow us to drink real beer instead of beer graphics you downloaded onto your iPhone 4.

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