What I Lost and Want Back


My childhood mornings seemed so much more pleasant than the adult ones now do. I woke up wide-eyed and ready to explore the world. Bright were the rainbows that reflected on the wood-paneled hallway created by the bright sun hitting the diamond-shaped windows on the front door. My own personal kaleidoscope had me looking deeply into wood grains at an early age. My brother, Jeffrey, sat less than five inches from the television with the sound screaming loudly into my soul. What I remember about that particular moment is how awake I was back then, and how impressions moved me. Something as small as colored light reflected from the sun onto the wall kept me in awe, imprinted in my memory, and conjured up happiness. I haven’t seen the little prisms of inspiration that echoed so loudly in my youth for quite some time, and I want it back.


3 thoughts on “What I Lost and Want Back

  1. Alisa,

    Your writing is awesome. I connect so well. My mornings…if only I could return to those days. Though I now I live in days of possibility, they seem to require effort where previously they came like a wave of energy.

    Thanks for reminding me.

    My question is…can we get that back?


      • Would love to. Miss you too. Number the same? Shoot me a text and let’s meet up. Maybe late next week?…Unless you’re around the city Monday night at 6:00. Promised Danielle I’d go to her reading at the Cornelia St. Cafe. We can discuss our reclamation of joy and awe in midst of creation and new beginnings 🙂 Hmmm wonder why we lose that as time goes on…

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