Cross Post #2

I’ve finished my book.  I’ve written the synopsis, the query, and started sending it out to agents.  Many agents represent a color-coded excel row, for me, at this point.  I no longer see who they are in the industry, but which color they are in my legend of representation.

Green = Not yet responded (I chose green because it’s my late brother’s favorite color and it symbolizes the color of hope.  Moreover, I still have hope they won’t reject me.)

Yellow = Full manuscript requests (This is what makes me check, religiously, my email.  I confess, I only have two rows of yellow but I’ve had four rows total.)

Red = duh, REJECTION. (The entire excel spreadsheet looks like a blood bath, I’ll be honest.  After the green, it’s either yellow or red, so my obsessive email checkage usually results in a red-row day).

The entire process, I confess, has me on an interesting insecurity-of-talent rollercoaster.  So much so that I have made a decision that from now on I will not start writing a book until the outline and synopsis translates into a great logline (elevator pitch).  This leads me to my cross post, which was what I wanted to do in the first place.


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