These are a few of my favorite things

As my days disappear and turn into weeks that seem to pass into months, I look at time and wonder who am I?  Perhaps that’s a question not left for a blog posting so every now and then I list out what I like in life…it reminds me of who I am, the small stuff.

I like: a space that’s all mine – cozy and dimly lit with records and books and knick knacks that are aesthetically pleasing to my eyes, mail, Buddha’s four-leaf clovers, manuscript boxes, notebooks, Asian relics, fresh flowers – any will do, lists,  romantic comedies, anything on beat, finding beauty in prose, unified beats leading up to a climactic rock out, barefoot, freshly cut grass, the smell of patchouli, feeling ‘dressed up’, iced coffee/espresso drinks in transit and hot coffee/espresso drinks stationary, High Street Pizza, listening to the poetry of my soul, watching clouds, Burt’s Bees, white wine in summer, red wine in winter or in a space that is dimly lit, socializing black tie, being moved to crowd surf at a concert, discovering something or anything, the static of vinyl, the idea of cigars and scotch, spirituality, old typewriters, compasses, buying different shampoos and conditioners, a good lotion, manual black and white photography, spotting a good sleeve tattoo, symmetry, an empty trash can/waste basket, organized spaces, collecting books, hand-written letters, touching the face of those I love, hearing Jeffrey’s voice in recollection, past-life regression, visiting with Rebecca, meditation/yoga, cleanliness, Madonna, office supplies, quick wit, imagination, personalities, stories I’ll never tell, stream-of-consciousness, waxing without regard, learning anything and everything, knowing I don’t know anything, being at peace with my past, words that make me swim, a breeze that reels me in, silence when it’s just right, humanity after a cry, strength from being the bigger person, overcoming, challenges that force me to grow, swag, comfortable money, phone conversations of reconnection, finding good art, brunch, union square in spring, postcards, poppy flowers, juicy peaches, alone time, writing, owls, quotes, the smell of laundry, staring out a passenger window, journals, pens, collecting sentiments from the people who left an imprint in my life, closure, hops,  beginnings, mind shattering experiences, dreaming of people I miss, 1999-2001, laughing, notes from mom, 80s movies, the green before it rains, dive bars, snippets of social conversations, and feeling my shoulders relax.


One thought on “These are a few of my favorite things

  1. Gosh Lisa, how does your mind move so quickly? I dont know if i could even think of that many things that I like. Your thinking and mind intrigues me so much. You are so unique and your imagination is that of a genius~

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