The stick in your ass is learned, my friends!

I watched the Real Housewives of New York City last night, and I felt sorry for one of the characters – LuAnn – who spent her scenes judging and handing down rights to her costar’s wrongs.  She seemed so upright, tight, and closed off to herself, so how in the world could this woman understand those around her?  The whole saying ‘stick up her ass’ rang out from my sometimes infantile call-to-mind, and I understood – perfectly – how the term came about.  If there were an image-only definition for the term ‘stick up your ass’, I assure you her photo would be beside it; she’s the epitome of the term.   Naturally, my thoughts – which are often times selfish – went back to me and I wondered if I had a stick up my ass most times.

There are times when I am rigidly focused on tasks, deadlines, and workflow that are applied to all aspects of my life that I may not see life through the debris (that needs organized).  I’m too busy dusting the invisibles, tasking out spiritual endeavors, setting deadlines for life goal’s, or turning pleasurable hobbies into work, that the uncontrolled life becomes a victim of judgement calls.  It isn’t until I pulled that stick from my own ass that I realized, wow, life is connecting to my proper nouns (people, places, and things).  Sitting in my comfort area (if you don’t have a space that’s JUST yours…your personality, your history, your aesthetically pleasing environment…I suggest you get one immediately) with my brother on my shag rug listening to Reggae, my shoulders relaxed and my defenses were down.  I shared my world with someone I care about and he listened with an open heart.  It was then that I realized, don’t we all get sticks up our asses from time-to-time?

The feeling of putting your defenses down, connecting to every surrounding moment without judgment, and walking away from the experience knowing you need to do it more often is key and the only way to know that you do – in fact – have a stick up your ass in he first place.

I sure hope LuAnn has a shag rug and a special place where she watches herself to know she has a rather large stick up her ass.


One thought on “The stick in your ass is learned, my friends!

  1. I tend to keep a stick in my ass instead of enjoying life…I am too cautious and want others to act with as much moral attitude and I do and when they don’t that stick gets harder and straighter and more judgemental. You are right sis…glad you wrote this blog so i could think of this in a different light.

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