In Your Book of Life…I’m only a chapter.

How many chapters do you have in your book of life?  Moreover, how many lives have you lived in this one already? 

Our lives grouped and indexed by two determinations – good to bad.  Not that you would ask….no, not you guys and gals that come here…too shy (with a few exceptions) to interact with text.  I gathered this information because very few of you actually leave a comment.  A nice little note to little ole me that tells me you would rather me post irreverent posts more frequently than deep ones less frequently.  See, I got THAT from data collected in numbers.  If you know me then you know I despise numbers because the world doesn’t countenance my prosperity with either math or money.  

I digress. 

This post isn’t about audience size, however it does use numbers.  I’m working on my 10th life in this life.

Here are the Chapters of My Book Of Life:

1 – Childhood

2 – Divorce/Coming of Age

2.5 Excerpt (Transitory Passage) – Army

3 – Music Fan/College Drop Out/Idealist/The Dumb Years

4 –  Dallas, TX / Unadulterated / Incubating

5 – OSU #2.0 /Experiments/ Growing Pains

6 – Everything Happens At Once/ Success / Failure / Jeffrey / Closeness / Insecurity vs. Ego/ Truckee, CA 

7 – AAR

8 – NYC Year 1 / Relationship #1 as an Adult

9 – Wild Sadness / Wild Ride / From Past to ‘the now’ / Another Coming of Age

10 – Setting Roots/ Spiritual Age Meetup /Today

 What chapter are you on in your Book of Life?


4 thoughts on “In Your Book of Life…I’m only a chapter.

  1. Ok Ok you pegged me I’m one of the shy ones that read but don’t comment.

    Your post on here usually sets the tone for my day(when I get to work early enough and I see a new post). Your writing has a tendency to make my little brain think in a different way, needless to say I enjoy it.

    So I must say Thank You. When you do get your book published (I think it will happen soon) make sure your fans in Phoenix can get a copy.

  2. chapter one
    i was born
    chapter two
    i awoke
    chapter three
    (still being penned)

    as for commenting
    i am a sometimes lurker, sometimes commentor
    would you prefer comments more frequently that may be shallow/ no content
    or less frequent comments of insight/relating to and carrying forward content

  3. You have more interesting thoughts than any human I know. My life(s) is as follows
    1. childhood
    2. marriage to ronnie, rooted in church, the firsts of everything. Love, sex, children, home, church.
    3. my one year of being single and running wild
    4. my years with david and all that it brought with it
    5. the Great Sadness…our loss of Jeffrey and the misery of those years of him missing and trying to find him
    6. my life now…trying to heal…raise the younger kids…and something new and exciting…retirement!

    so I guess I have had 6 life’s

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