I wanted to announce, other than on Facebook, that I have been accepted into the New York University Stern Executive MBA program.  This is a huge accomplishment for me and will contribute greatly to all my endeavors both creatively and professionally.

For as long as I can remember, I had romanticized about being part of either the UC-Berkley or NYU community.  In a lot of my fiction writings, characters are often graduates of either two universities.  I’m beyond thrilled for this opportunity and for the fact that I don’t have to move to California just yet.

Do not fear, I have completed my first book so I will be seeking representation and hopefully published.  I will continue to write as often as I currently do in Wrestling The Hyperbole, but with more entertaining posts as I experience the graduate school life.  Writing is my calling, so I will continuously be working toward the craft and the ADD in me will probably finish at least another book by the time I get my MBA.

So, now you know.


6 thoughts on “NYU HERE I COME

  1. I guess we’ll be classmates! See you on the 17th and/or 22nd! Just finished the Mathematics Proficiency Examination last night, hooray! Cheers….Ernie

  2. Hi Alisa,

    Nice meeting you at Arrowwood. I actually found the presentaion pyramid useful. I’ve been trying the one person one point thing….

    See ya at the end of Sept.


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