I Could Use A Gap Year


I’m afraid my romance with stress has burned me at the stake.  I am hoping that once my feet touch the ground again that all feeling in my toes will come back, but I won’t know until that point – currently I am toast.  Not to drive an analogy into the ground but I have buttered my toast too long to even notice the taste so it’s time for a change bigger than wheat to multigrain.

While I don’t know what this change is, yet, I am certain that I can no longer continue burning both ends of the candle (how’s that for another analogy).  I’m much too emotional to survive very long in apathy, and I have far too many questions to walk around in the meaningless.

It should have been a sure-fire sign that burnout would take a detour in my hood after the traumatizing headaches, which was just one stop before the muscles in my neck and shoulders seized up to cause my body to stall altogether.  I should have taken notice of the one headlight shifting my focus, but when the battery is dead nothing starts.

Analogies said in juxtaposition lack in meaning, which is much cause for burnout.  I need a Sabbatical

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