Inner Voice, Respect.

Up until now, my entire life was driven by this inner voice that kept telling me to prove something.   In my high school days it ribbed me to ‘get out of Oklahoma.’  I did.  In college it lead me to believe I was destined to be great.  This, of course, has yet to be determined.  This voice encouraged me to seek to make something soar; case and point, the All-American Rejects – get rid of lead singer, make bass player the lead singer, inflate their egos, and watch them float away.  I listened.  Riding the wave of success, my voice told me it wouldn’t last so enjoy the moment.  I didn’t listen, I worried.  In time of great loss the nurturing inner voice told me it was time to go home.  I did.  When it was time to get back into the world, the voice told me GO.  I went.  Once New York City lost its luster, left me high and dry worried it would never rain, I listened to the voice that told me to get an umbrella.  It rained great things.  Conversely, the voice warned me when New York City was about to kick me to the curb.  I listened and got out of the way.  In love I heard it though I might have needed prodding , but I eventually heard it loud and clear. Yes, I certainly did.  My childhood friend, inner voice, is too old to drive so it’s entrusted me to just know what to do like a father gives away the bride; take care of her.  I will, I do, and I have nothing to prove.

I was in my early twenties when I asked a long lost friend, “How did you know you were grown up?”

He replied, “I started making good decisions.”

This left an impression on me.  I couldn’t wait until I could say the same.  I just said it! 🙂


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