From The Archives: Death is contagious…

It touched me in college while making copies of The All-American Rejects bio for their new demo I was sending out to any and all labels that would listen.  I was in the local Kinko’s in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  This guy…his name is on the tip of my tongue….what was it………the Kinko’s clerk reached out to me by telling me of this book that had touched his life.  I had never met, seen, or known him before but that one evening  as he told me about the words of this book that marinated his soul, he extended a book titled “Ishmael’ by Daniel Quinn to me as I paid for my copies. The exchange felt nice, comforting, odd, and impressionably confusing.

Fast forward to one year later; a different time, a different life, a completely different world than before.  I’m reading the Daily O’Collegian the Oklahoma State University paper.  I read about this fatal car accident and how two OSU students lost their lives and the picture in the paper was the Kinko’s guy.  I remembered him, the book, my immediate friend though I knew I would only meet him once in life and that was enough to shift something.

I pull this book out in various transitory moments in my life, but I still have not read it.  I think when I am ready to read it, that Kinko’s guy will teach me something even more amazing than that conversation that night.


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