Corporate Buzzwords Must Be Nimble.

Being in a meeting for a media company is a lot like using trending topics on Twitter, you find the buzz word or phrase and you play into it until it’s grown into the company tag cloud.  The moment of discovery, when you hear a phrase like ‘low hanging fruit’ and you’re fairly certain it doesn’t mean the meeting will be catered.

Low Hanging Fruit: Easy to access or obtain

Sometimes it takes a couple of meetings before it becomes a game changer, and immediately you shepherd the word/phrase into the real time corporate vernacular by saying it yourself in other meetings, even going as far as adding it into your presentations until you pass the baton onto others.

Last quarter, it was ‘nimble’ and the wordsmith in me cringed as it rolled off the tongues of nearly every single executive at work.  Not only is it just an ugly word, but I also associate it with the nursery rhyme and stopped paying attention because I was too busy singing “Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick, Jack jump over the candlestick” –  nimble, it did the opposite even though our department was in fact nimble.  Thankfully, it didn’t make it into our mission statement.

This quarter I have decided to re-purpose a corporate buzz word, yep, going to use the spray and pray approach in meetings, presentations, and take a step back as it uptiers into a corporate buzzword.


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