Regretful Harvest

You’re painful, you see,

Ripping through my skin like you’re my demon,

Scratching at my surface to be free,

Listen to me,

I listened to you long ago,

You’ve come back for me,

Skinning me each and every day,

Your memory haunts me,

In ways I couldn’t have known,

If I could have known you wouldn’t have been exiled,

Disposed of in such vein,

This karma reaping through me with vengeance,

All my yesterdays cursed in your name,

You provoked an innocence you couldn’t keep,

Leaving me to suffer after your presence no longer seeped,

Into my habit,

Into my routine,

Into the martini that ruined me,

Drown my sorrows that I couldn’t change,

Promises abandoned with disdain,

Charm that died in ignorance and lies,

Far beyond wanting back,

Far beyond who we used to be,

Far beyond regret,

At least you wished me well,

I bet you got the best of life,

Didn’t even know that I fell,

Hit my head,

Fueled my dread,

My life derailed,

I figure you won all your wars,

Life gave you beauty and warmth,

With all that you sowed,

Loving such a dark me,

That tore through your crops,

An unforgettable harvest,

Weathered the bad,

To remember the good,

You were always foolish,

Believing in someone like me,

Who realized too late,

How much you meant.


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