Flash Drive To The Soul.

Do people have tangible photo albums anymore, or are we all images in soft copy?  Snapshots of online sharing within social networks of people that probably would never actually be in a photograph with me anyway?  Optimized discovery at every view, and I recall the excitement of physical discovery itself, ah yes relic rembrance of the nostalgic kind. 

Everything at our fingertips, and I feel like a hypocrite for wishing my record player had a remote.  Nonetheless, my record can play from Side A to Side B in a linear listen and I even get up to flip it to the other side, but yet I could never listen, fully, to a digital album.  (By ‘record’ I mean vinyl, yes dinosaurs of music). I don’t lay on my rug, staring up at the ceiling and daydream of future experiences, and listen to an album from start to finish with an iPod.  I most certainly don’t print out the artwork and put it on my walls. 

Maybe something happened to my earnest filing of memories and dreams, and therein lies the issue?    Photo albums in the bookshelf, books from authors dedicated to me in pencil from friends along the way, music collections that imprinted the soul, and napkins of philosophy and dreams crumpled into boxes; all digitized and flash drived.

Storage, but none of it spends enough time in the soul.  It has become too easy to hit file, save, and connect to a USB that I’m afraid of losing  the simple aesthetic of my real life memory.  Unable to file away with a song and no image to thumb through to prove this moment exists, and let’s face it no blog is sacred. 

My journals used to contain writing, the deep kind, and each year represented in its own journal.  I’ve banged too many keyboards to remember how to write, so my years now piggyback off a single journal.  Three years of life tucked away in one college-ruled leather bound book, not even memorably expressed to exist individually.  Everything condensed to gigabytes and shared into forgotten drives, stored on a flash drive small enough to lose. 

You’ll never hear someone say they will grab their flash drive, iPod, or Kindle in the case of a fire, but they used to say photo albums, journals, and keepsakes.  Then again if you barely have enough time to jump from a burning house in time to save your life, at least your eBooks, music, photos, and documents will all be safely stored online.


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