Birthday Wishes from a Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday, I’m 32.  I’ve had all sorts of birthdays, extravagant, family, romantic, forgotten, adventure, simple, drunken, and creative.  Today I’m snowed in and watching Christmas Movies.  It reminds me of being a kid when my birthdays were white ones.  The only difference is I don’t have a gingerbread cake.  Since it’s my day, I wanted to thank 32 people for being in my life….so here goes (also, might be worth mentioning the list is in no particular order other than however you popped into my head after a glass or two of wine).

1. Jeffrey: Your indelible grace has given me a life I never thought possible.

2. Melinda:  I hold you in the highest regard, and I am so thankful to grow with you.

3. Mom: Your strength in life has given me enough to draw upon for the remainder of mine.

4. Blake:  You were the first kid to melt my scarred heart.

5. Mark Bradley:  Your innocence, inspiring, your smile warms my soul.

6. Aunt Lulu:  My godmother, my angel, you embody that which we all strive to become.

7. Granny Erwin:  Your independence, contagious, and because of it I have experienced more than a lifetime’s worth of stories.

8.  Crystal: When we were kids you convinced me that broken glass was diamonds, and without that tool I would be miserable.

9. Moe Moe: When I think of childhood, your face comes up with an endearing smile.

10. Karrie (Baze) Hampton:  Tied together all these years, my dear friend, our lockers, our birthdays, our youth.

11. Joe and Betty Williams:  Thanks for giving me my first job.  It took a lot for a fourteen-year old to call and ask and although I’m not filthy rich and still have to work, you gave me my first independent dollar.

12. Stormi: You’ll one day be a character in my book, that’s how unforgettable you are.

13.  Granny Montano:  92 years is a lot of life, and that summer in 2001 meant more to me than you’ll ever know.  I bet you’re pulling out your personal salt & pepper shakers eating with Jeffrey right now.

14. Uncle Joe:  I still may not have more checks coming in than out, but you gave me a wealth of knowledge.

15. Red:  You inadvertenly got me into the music business, so thank you.  Had you not had a keyboard and Beastie Boys album, I might not be cool 😉

16. Rika: The mistakes we knew we were making…thanks for being there when the world disappeared.

17. Buddha:  You’re an amazing person, and a truly nice guy my dear friend.

18. Lance:  My writing brother, I admire you greatly and I hope you know how much your advice means to me.

19. Amber (Blan) Duncan:  For teaching me to not care what people think.

20. Murray Forward: My collection of postcards started from you, my dear buddy,you helped me coming and going.

21. Dad:  Your dissapointing me so much has taught me how to deal with it in life, thank you.

22. The All-American Rejects: Though you’ll never recognize your roots, I recognize that without your ungratefulness I would live solely on expectations.  Glad I learned the lesson.

23. Rebecca Mastroberto:  You’re a friend, the real kind.  I appreciate you and you inspire me to think positively.

24. Alanis Morissette:  One liners, two liners, and the 90s, thanks.

25.  Jenny Labow: Thank you for being a friend….singing in the key of The Golden Girls.

26. Jason Woodland: I know your last name, and I appreciate your friendship.

27. Justin Morris:  You introduced me to the Cure and allowed me to listen to music from the depths of my soul, thinking in a deeper way to accomplish writing.  Merci.

28. Ferris O’Brien:  Without you I wouldn’t desire a british accent or understand brit rock’s place in music.  Who knew the world wasn’t flat?!

29. Lyndi & KJ:  My brother and sister from another mother and father…thanks for making me feel like your sister even when I wasn’t in the picture.

30. Aunt Debbie & Uncle Danny:  Aunt Deb, You’re a brick house!  Uncle Dan, I am pretty certain you’ve been the most stable man in my life…says a lot doesn’t it 😉 Love you.

31.  Brin, Kevin and T:  My bestest and my bestest family, blood doesn’t always make family…you have become part of mine.  Lots of love.

32. Uncle Thed & Uncle Puff:  Two of the orneriest guys I know with hearts of gold.  I cannot thank you enough for being in my life and for being there for my mom when she needed you the most.

and one to grow on….

33. To all my family, friends, social networks, passerby’ers, and colleagues of today and tomorrow…thank you.


6 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes from a Birthday Girl

  1. Lisa, this is beautiful…i hope everyone that is one this list see’s it. It’s sad but I am glad that you somehow managed to turn the way those that negatively inspired you into a positive prospective. I love you!

  2. As you have so elegantly worded here, my dear….”broken glass can turn into diamonds”. With all we’ve been thru together and separately, I think we are both shining examples of that. Now all we have to do is polish til we shine. I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!___Crys

  3. We’ve never met in person,through your tragedy we “met” on line. I read your blog, eagerly awaiting a new story. Your writing and ramblings inspire me to be a better person. (is that creepy?) You’re Wife, Mom & Brothers must be soooo proud of you! They are lucky to have such a beautiful person inside and out for a Wife, Daughter & Sister.
    Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks Nicole, I’ve met a couple people online that have shaped my life tremendously and though we had never met in the physical sense..they have very much been kindred spirits. Thanks for reading and it means so much that you find it inspiring and I hope that I can continue to not disappoint (thankfully I’m in remission from alcoholism otherwise it might get messy – just kidding/sort of). Happy Holidays to you and yours and sending you good vibes.

  4. I love u like a sis. You are closer than some of those with the same blood. We miss u and only hope that one day well be closer. Happy bday bestest!

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