Coincidence; believe it or not?

I read something, actually, my coworker sent me an IM with the link about Michael Jackson’s coincidental #7:
— Michael Jackson signed his will on 7/7/02.
— Michael Jackson’s memorial was on 7/7/09 … exactly 7 years after the will was signed.
— Michael Jackson’s two biggest hits — “Black & White” and “Billie Jean” — were each #1 for 7 weeks.
— Michael Jackson’s three biggest albums — “Thriller,” “Bad” and “Dangerous” — each produced 7 top 40 hits.
— Michael Jackson was the 7th of 9 children.
— Michael Jackson was born in 1958 … 19 + 58 = 77
— Michael Jackson died on the 25th … 2 + 5 = 7
— Michael Jackson has 7 letters in his first and last name.

I, personally, don’t believe in coincidence and I’ll spare you my new age philosophy on reincarnation and signs in life so enjoy this site I found listing even more of these so-called coincidences.

10 More Amazing Coincidences




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