RIP: Michael Jackson, King of Pop

In a Dear Santa Letter in grade school I asked Santa for a Michael Jackson doll.  On Christmas I was thrilled to unwrapped a doll-size Michael Jackson replica wearing a red-leather jacket, black leather jeans, a white glove, and black penny loafer shoes.

Michael Jackson was the very first person in music that I liked, individual of my parents so he symbolizes musical autonomy in my life.  I couldn’t deny his artistry, style, and the way he made me feel as a child of the eighties.  The pint-sized MJ rocked with me for a couple years until I was able to actually start something of my own music collection.  I put the MJ doll aside as I played the Thriller record over and over trying to figure out why the girl was his but Billie Jean was NOT his lover, and all the while just a pretty young thing that wanted her own ‘bubbles’.

I suppose it’s only Human Nature to feel sadness and like a part of my childhood died as MJ passed away.  There is something to be said for MJ and there is no other artist (Madonna pending) like him and his career…well, you can’t Beat It!

Rest In Peace my childhood friend, though we never met I remember the time.



One thought on “RIP: Michael Jackson, King of Pop

  1. Micheal Jackson was a superstar. The ultimate king of pop. There has never been nor ever will be again an entertainer such as this. It was almost supernatural to watch him perform. I cried as I watched his story again “the man behind the mirror” on CNN last night. He gave his all…his body, spirit, and soul to us…the public…he kept nothing for himself and I believe that is why he tried to change his physical being to something else because he gave everything to us and wanted something of his own so he had to “create” it. I saw the sadness in his eyes…someone who seemed to have it all and gave it all and yet he was sad. His music and artistry will live until the world is no more and this is another great gift from him to us…rest in peace Micheal Jackson may you never be sad again…I know you are in heaven enjoying your stolen childhood in “forever land”.

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