Daughter’s Day

After searching online for ideas for Mother’s Day for my mother in-law and my own mother (who has a birthday three days prior), it occurred to me–why isn’t there a Daughter’s Day?  Certainly, Mothers deserve their day and I’m by no way taking away or complaining of it.  However, when they are too old to take care of themselves let’s face it us daughters will be wiping their shriveled up asses.

There will be a day when my mom’s beautifully aged-body will bare its soul in front of me, weak and fraile, as I bathe her like she did me when I was a baby.  Of course this all pending upon whether or not some freak-of-nature accident or disease should prematurely take my own life in its wrath of fury before my mother’s graceful old age (hey, after my brother’s untimely death my naivety about death leaves).  I morbidly digress.

A Daughter’s Day for taking care of your younger siblings (if you have any) or driving them to school every day when you turned sixteen.  A Daughter’s Day for having to tolerate your mother’s men (unless of course you have a Father-Of-The-Bride type of father and in that case this does not apply you lucky bitch).  A Daughter’s Day for being the organizer of the Mother’s Day gifts and knowing it could not be left up to the men (can you imagine?).  Let’s face it we only get a day with the Son’s and we do most of the work in the family and don’t even get the top-billing for that holiday!

A Daughter’s Day for all the Mother’s who have Mother’s so they get two days of appreciation.  Hey, if there is an administrative assistant’s day (last week) for getting paid to type up a memo then a Daughter deserves a day.  Unless of course you’re Casey Anthony and then you just deserve life in prison without parole and certainly no Mother or Daughter Days.

Any Mother’s Day Ideas for me?



4 thoughts on “Daughter’s Day

  1. I thought I entered blogs about the Casey Anthony case………and here I’m in a Mothers/Daughters blog. *Note to self: Order new contacts SOON!!!

    • Well I am glad you came…if you read further you could have been lost in the story about my brother, the missing teen……regardless, hope you were entertained.

  2. I always take my mom coffee on Mother’s Day then I do a little lite cleaning around the house for her, then we have lunch and go to a movie. My daughters are a little older now and they are in your boat about the father! I love the fact they join us and they help me at my moms because it is also my day! I think your mom would just be happy to know how special she is to you as a single mom it makes me feel wonderful that my kids love me and respect how hard I work to keep them in good health, nice house, nice clothes and good food. I hope you and your mother have a very special Mother’s Day. It is honestly not about the gifts it is really about the love you have for her.

  3. Lisa, this was a really cute blog! Pick a day, any day you want and that will be daughter’s day! When did we take that picture?? Hey, I am going to hold you to “cleaning my dirty old butt” when I get old so don’t forget you said you would. I love you sis!

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