My brother’s Missing Person Poster circa 2001

My second book is a biography based on the case of Jeffrey Ben (my brother), which I will begin interviewing, researching, recollecting, and writing about on the anniversary of what I presume was his untimely death (January 29th). In the meantime, feel free to Google his name or visit the links to the left of here and support our efforts to help find the missing.



2 thoughts on “My brother’s Missing Person Poster circa 2001

  1. No one will ever know the pain of having a loved one “missing” unless you go through it. We were blessed that Jeffrey was found. The agony that is endured when they are not found is unending. A beautiful lady whom I have become friends with has been going through that agony for many years…her name is Sarah Teague…he daughter whom is missing is Heather. I also met Kelly from Project Jason…Jason is her son and she is working hard to help others who are missing. Your support to these families means so much as do your prayers. Please notice these posters as you walk past them as they mean a changed life to a family that includes much pain…and say a special prayer.

    • Linda, I love when you post a reply, as the love you write about Jeffrey and your other children is amazing. I am not a mother, however I can only imagine the agony you and yours went through until Jeffrey was found. I have followed Heather’s story for some time and it is horrible what this woman continues to go through with Heather’s case.

      As for Kelly @ Project Jason, an absolute angel and sent from the Heavens… I am fortunate to be part of her team @ Project Jason.

      Wishing you all happiness, answers and most off all love.

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