Buster sit, good dog.

We’re trying to teach our dog to say “I love you.”  I know what you’re thinking, impossible!  However, I’m happy to say that he now starts speaking when we say ‘I love you’ so he knows we’re wanting him to speak when we say it, so it’s just a matter of getting the words formed.  I tried putting his jaw next to mine when I say “I love you” but then I got distracted that he needed a bath and jumped ship altogether. 

Here is his leaderboard:

Sit – completed

Lay Down – completed

Rollover – completed

Give me five – completed

Balloon Bouncing – completed

Plays frisbee – completed

Bubble eating – completed

Exercise Ball Walk – completed

Give Kisses – completed

The High Jump – completed

Buster really wants to meet Mario Lopez (I think it’s due to while we’re at work all day we leave the TV on Animal Planet and Mario  hosts Pet Star). So in an effort to help Buster achieve his dream we gotta be hard on him and make him train like the Olympics.  What demographic is Mario Lopez NOT trying to reach?!?  I remember when the dude was just a spandex wearing AC Slater, but I digress. 

We’re up for any trick suggestions to set Buster apart from the competition… so keep ’em comin’.



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