New Study: Writing causes lulled high school retrospective…

Prior to page-filler for my book, I truly believed  my high school retrospective was impactful to the overarching theme to my  life collective.  In writing the memoir, the story kicked off with an indelible hook and by far the best wordplay of the story; childhood.  Moving along chronologically, conflict and literary tightness were laid sentence-by-sentence and dialogue-by-dialogue; the brick and mortar of memoir.

Day after day, I came back to the story looking forward to adding the doors and windows to which would allow a certain amount of transparency.  There is a certain amount of fatigue that occurs in the middle of bricklaying that I didn’t account for like running out of cement mix or realizing that your windows won’t fit into the allotted space even though you wrote the measurements down correctly.  Perhaps, after you put the window up to the construction you realized it paled-in-comparison to the stature of what was being built.

For many people, high school was the bane of their existence, but for me it was merely a filler page in a memoir.



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