The Devil’s Smile.

This is a little poem I wrote after seeing a photo of the last person to see my brother alive.  Look at him…how could ANYONE hurt such a wonderful kid.


RIP Jeffrey lee Ben (DOB: 08/23/82; Missing: 01/29/01; Laid To Rest: 04/05/06)

The Devil’s Smile.

Your voice drills a hole in my heart,

I hope I never hear it ever again,

Imagery of your life conjures up hatred I never knew existed,

For you took the life of someone I loved,

Dropped his body off at the top of a mountain for a critter’s treat,

I hope you taste my brother when you eat,

When you’re sad and all alone,

May you feel that January cold like pins and needles in your eyes,

As you lay your head to rest, You feel the rocks stabbing through your spine,

I hope you feel every pain you gave to my brother,

You murdering piece of shit,

You’ve raped my spirit,

You’ve killed a saint,

You’ve lied through your teeth,

I’m trying to bite my tongue,

But the lasso of grief has tied my feet,

Karma is my only ally,

Your maker one day you’ll meet,

In the meantime I hope this you read,

As you walk in hell at God speed.

2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Smile.

  1. This is the most beautiful child in God’s creation and evil took him from us. I have to trust in God that justice in his time and his way will be done and with this I have to forgive so that I may spend eternity one day with this beautiful boy. He is my son you see. There is no pain on earth like that when a mother looses a child…none. The pain of not knowing where your child is if they are dead or alive is the cruelest of pains. It makes you unable to breathe. Please support missing persons groups that help families such as ours because God forbid it ever happens to you.

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